Two Breakfast Ideas

The seasons are changing!! This morning I made a lovely peach dish for breakfast and it was filled with warming spices and maple's going in my next cookbook so stay tuned! I'm so psyched for fall. It's going to be fall weather all week. Last night I had to close my window because of the chill. I'm excited to change up my wardrobe and bring back some of my fall clothes and shoes. I miss my ankle boots! I'm going home in October for some fun in the Poconos so I'll be bringing back some warm clothes.

I'm kind of obsessed with this green smoothie I'm about to share with you. I made it a couple times and I just devour it. You can make it anytime of day but I love a smoothie for breakfast or right before or after a run. This recipe is detoxing and light and there are so many nutrients packed into this mason jar. Here you go!

1 cup of organic spinach
Juice from 1 small lemon
1/2 avocado
1 pear
1 frozen banana
1 cup of coconut water
A handful of romaine lettuce

Blend everything in your high powdered blender. Add more coconut water if needed. This is so delicious!

Another breakfast dish I love is mochi. Mochi...a block of sweet rice that you cut up into a few pieces, bake or grill and it puffs up into pastries. I drizzle maple syrup on them. I suggest you try this awesome breakfast! You can find mochi at whole foods and any small health food stores.

I also made mochi and put it in my oatmeal for an extra sweet twist. You can buy plain mochi which is just rice and no flavoring or you can buy flavored mochi. I tried a chocolate flavor this time and it was good. If you get the plain mochi and drizzle with maple syrup, you can taste the maple flavor a lot more.

What did you have on this meatless Monday?