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My Favorite Vegan Eats in New York City

One of the best things about moving to the Big Apple is experiencing all the vegan food the city has to offer.  I have tasted some delicious dishes over the past two months and I want to share with you the different places I've visited.  Not every restaurant I mention is vegan but I believe it is important to note all restaurants who are making an effort to have vegan options on their menu.

When I came up with the idea to do this post, I met a fellow blogger who does Friday Features on her blog where she features her favorite vegan and gluten free restaurant in NYC.  I love connecting with fellow bloggers so we met up at a vegan restaurant in Brooklyn and talked about a joint post.  We talked all about our blogs, Instagram, connecting with followers, our vegan and gluten free meals and more.  We ate super healthy meals at Bliss on Grand St in Brooklyn then went to a vegan and GF bakery a few doors down from the restaurant.  We also stopped in Whisk, a vegan food bloggers heaven!  It had every cooking gadget you could ever want so I bought some dish towels, a wooden spoon and a totally awesome mason jar.

Bliss Grand-Brooklyn: Beth and I met here to chat about veganism and our blogs while enjoying a healthy meal.  We ordered the guacamole and corn chips, I had the Grand salad and Beth had a yummy mushroom dish called oyster mushroom seaviche.  We were so full that we didn't order dessert afterwards but somehow we ended up in a bakery a few doors down to get a vegan and gluten free treat.  Beth is awesome and I can't wait for you to read her post below.  Check out Beth's blog 

My Grand salad

Beth eats super healthy vegan and gluten free food and loves sharing her healthy food recipes with others.  Follow her on Instagram at simply_without.

Introducing guest blogger, Beth from

Happy Friday all! Whoa, what a great week! I am excited to be partnering with Nicole from The Fabulous Health and Wellness to do a guest blogger post for today's feature.
As summer comes to a close, I recently meet up with The Fabulous Health and Wellness as we lunched at Bliss Grand. Do I have to say how great it is to pour over a menu when it is all vegan?! The choices were endless and all sounded delicious.  We started with a carrot and ginger juice, so refreshing on a hot summer day and gave us the energy to choose what else! The added ginger zing flavor packs a solid punch.

 Here is what we went with:
An order of guacamole to share because what better way to say goodbye to summer than with guac, salsa and corn chips. (Note to all my gluten free lovlies, always ask if the chips are corn, normally they are, but sometimes they use wheat, or half and half, yes, I have seen it!)

Next up the oyster mushroom seaviche, this vegan take on ceviche was delicious and the lime, oh, the lime was perfect! So fresh that summer days will stay with me all winter long. This will definitely be another dish I recreate at home! The lime juice soaked mushrooms were marinated with finely chopped cilantro, red onion and peppers. I also got a side of raw veggies for dipping in more salsa, guacamole and lime juice sauce!

Nicole had the Grand Bliss salad, which looked great and I'll let her review. Grand Bliss was a great cafe style, vegan eatery with tons of gluten free options and sides. Next time you are in Williamsburg, Brooklyn check it out and let us know what you order!
Happy eating!

It's Nicole again!  Besides Bliss Grand, I listed below some of my favorite vegan/vegetarian restaurants in NYC thus far and I also listed their location.  I hope this makes it easier for visitors and new New Yorkers to find delicious plant based food :)

My top picks for vegan food in NYC:

Me and Toby, the owner of Adelina's

Adelina's Wine Bar, Brooklyn, NY: vegan and vegetarian restaurant that also has meat and cheese dishes. They identify vegan and vegetarian dishes on their menu with a symbol and they take care when designing their veg dishes; they have pizza with vegan cheese options at no extra cost.  They also have an incredible bean dish appetizer that every vegan dreams of having.  They flash fry then bake their pizza crust and it is incredible!  I met Toby, the owner of Adelina's and he is so incredibly nice and welcoming.  As a side note, the decor of the restaurant is adorable.  Their wine is organic and vegan.  You don't want to miss out on visiting this new restaurant!  Check out their page for special events going on at Adelinas

Adelina's pizza and bean appetizer

Gobo: I ordered takeout from Gobo because, before I could visit the restaurant in person, the Upper East Side locaton closed.  They have another location as well so don't miss out on this place.  I had the yam fries, steamed dumplings and Vietnamese spring roll, which was raw.  This is a great place if you love asian.

Candle Cafe East Side: I ordered take out from here when my mom visited and we both loved the food; it's important to note that my mom is not vegan and she doesn't like to experiement with new food but she raved about this meal.  We ordered the quasedillas, manicotti, mac and cheese and crispy dumplings.  The cheese was made with tapioca and it was delicious.  The portions were small and we shared all the food but we still ended up stuffed.

Candle Cafe

V-Note Upper East Side: I went here with someone who was not vegan and they liked the food too.  I ordered the beet ravioli, organic red wine and the tiramisu....incredible, it all was.  I asked the waiter what cookies they used for their tiramisu and he named a Whole Foods brand that I have yet to find. I have since developed my own tiramisu recipe for my italian cookbook :)  I also ordered from V-note one night for take out; I ordered the quarterpounder veggie burger and it was out of this world; I wish I could give it to every meat eater I know because it would satisfy their burger craving.  I also tried there pumpkin gnocchi and braised tofu, which was outstanding.  V-vote is incredible!


Two Boots Pizza- Upper East Side: can you tell I live on the Upper East Side haha! This pizza joint has two vegan options and it's in my hood! V for vegan pizza comes with vegan Daiya cheese, sauce and veggies. The other vegan option comes without cheese and a lot of veggies. I went to Two Boots after a demo to ban carriage rides in Central Park. I went with a group of vegans I met in NYC at the demo and it was such a great time. The pizza was insane!

V for vegan 

Peacefood Cafe- Union Square: this is just a vegan paradise. Everything in the cafe is vegan and they not only have excellent plant based food but they have a whole bakery. I picked up a dessert the first time I went (their strawberry shortcake-see below) and the second time I went for lunch and of course got dessert. Raw sushi (below), raw chocolate pie and I brought home a mint choco chip cookie sandwich. I will definitely be back! The raw section of the menu is most appreciated by raw vegans everywhere!

Beyond Sushi: this is exactly what it sounds like...all vegan sushi that is above and beyond what you would get at a non vegan sushi restaurant. The sushi fillings are all veggies, super interesting and delicious veggie combinations! You can get quinoa and rice for the outside of the sushi roll. And the dips are creamy, flavorful and totally vegan. They also sell juices and desserts. It's a small little cafe with minimal seating but, eaten anywhere, the sushi is beyond amazing!

Beyond Sushi

Greenbean Cafe-Upper East Side: raw, non raw, organic vegan meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. This cafe also has smoothies, coffees, tea and baked goods. I had their gluten free, vegan pizza with sunflower cheese which was out of this world. I also had their raw falafels and a vegan cookies. Their sandwiches are yum too.

Gluten free, vegan pizza

Organic Avenue- West Village: I stopped here for a quick lunch because I go by the Upper East  location alot and I never had the opportunity to try this place until I was in the West Village.  I had a vegan wrap that was spicy and tasty and a sample of one of their salads which was delish.  They also sell chocolate and some baked goods as well as chia seed pudding and drinks.  This is a great place to stop in, check your messages and enjoy a quick vegan meal.

The Bhakti Center-East Village: yoga and vegan food, what more can a plant based health foodie ask for?  I've been to yoga and dinner at the Bhakti Center twice now and it's worth every moment.  The yoga instructors are so sweet and friendly and they take you through a beautiful, calming yoga class. Then you sit down with everyone and eat delicious vegan/vegetarian food.  They usually have falafels, kale, a soup, some rice and a sweet vegan treat and other in season ingredients.  This past Friday night I enjoyed spaghetti squash and banana bread.  If you enjoy yoga and some great vegan food with good company, visit the Bhakti Center  You can also just dine at the Bhakti Center and they also have items you can purchase.

Bhakti dinner, rice, falafels, summer squash, kale salad

Juice Press-Midtown and West Village: This is quickly becoming one of my fav places.  I stopped in here after yoga one night and bought a delish smoothie and matcha chia seed pudding-super yummy and both you can make at home.  I also had their raw falafel meal which I highly recommend-it's filling and great if you are a raw vegan.  I also love buying their superfoods mix that I top my smoothies and oatmeal with.  It includes dried mulberries, nuts, dried fruit and goji berries.  Juice Press has raw cakes, salads, sandwiches, smoothies and juices-this is a must try if you are visiting the city!  And if you live in the city, find your nearest location, they have Juice Press's all over the city.

Juice Press's raw falafels

Babycakes NYC-Lower East Side: NYC's first vegan bakery, they have a lovely Instagram and Twitter page that will whet your appetite.  This bakery has almost every baked good imaginable: donuts, brownies, cupcakes, cake, you name it, and they are vegan and gluten free and very allergy friendly.  Go at an off time during the week because they get super crowded and when you're there, sample a little bit of everything.  When I was looking for apts in NYC, I would stop in often and get a few items to bring home.  Check out the interview I did with Babycakes

Babycakes goodies

I have many more places to visit and some places I went to thus far I haven't mentioned yet...the possibilities are endless!  I so appreciate that this city is so vegan friendly.  New Yorkers are conscious about their health, they love salads, walking and I see so many runners in Central Park. You don't have to live in New York to feel like a New Yorker...walk around all day, stop in a few of these restaurants then collapse in your hotel room, that's pretty much the life of someone who lives here!  I hope this post had helped you locate a restaurant to check out when you visit, dear readers.  I'll be updating my FAQ section with a list of restaurants and locations as well so you can find the names of these restaurants more easily.

What is your favorite restaurant in NYC?


  1. Nice post! Looking forward to meeting next time I'm in nyc. :) We'll have to go to Sacred Chow (one of my fave's - also right up the block from my fave juice place!). I'll be in touch soon to set up a time to get together! :)

  2. Sounds wonderful! Looking forward to meeting you :) Would love to try Sacred Cow :)


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