Homemade Sushi Rolls!

I have been a fan of vegetable sushi since I first tried it, I don't even know when. There's just something about veggies wrapped in rice and seaweed that says awesome comfort food. It never feels like comfort food because it seems so light and even though I'm filled after a sushi dinner, I feel like I just ate whole, fresh, healthy food. I watched a few videos as to how to make sushi the other night, went to the health food store near me (it was a very hot, humid walk!) and bought sushi nori and sushi rice. I have not looked back! Gone are the days where I spend money on lots of sushi dinners...now I can make my own! Check out this video before you start,

Here is the step by step process to make sushi...it really isn't difficult at all.
1. Steam and/or cut your veggies. I steamed potatoes and kale. I mashed the potatoes with lemon juice and spices to give them flavor.
2. Cook your sushi rice according to the package. Mine told me to soak the rice in water for 30 minutes prior to cooking it. Follow the directions exactly.
3. Clear your counter or table so you have enough room to work. Fill a small bowl with cold water. Put down a towel, wax paper and a cut piece of nori rough side up on top of the wax paper like below:

4. Once the rice is done, wait for it to cool, then transfer it to a bowl, transfer your veggies to another bowl and set them next to your bowl of water and nori.
5. Wet your fingertips and scoop out some rice and press it onto the nori sheet. Whichever way you are going to roll the sheet, leave a little bit of nori exposed so you can fold the nori and seal it. Press the rice all over the nori, wetting your fingertips so they don't stick to the rice.
6. Add your veggies on top of the rice. Don't put too much rice or veggies or it won't fold into a roll very well.
7. Using the wax paper, fold the roll over but do not fold the wax paper into the roll. Use the wax paper as a guide, wet the end of the nori and keep folding, the nori will stick together and seal the roll shut. Press down and hold for a second or two and let the roll seal.
8. Cut the sushi roll with a serated knife that will give you clean edges. You can cut it into about six pieces.
9. Top with umeboshi paste or soy sauce and enjoy!
My next task is making a sweet and sour sauce from scratch. I need to buy dates...I hope they are not out of season!

I'm super proud of my sushi roll making ability! I hope you find these easy to make with my description and the link to the video.
Some great veggies to put in your sushi rolls: carrots (cut into thin pieces), avocado, sweet potatoes, cucumber, steamed kale, steamed spinach, lettuce.
What kind of sushi do you like? Have you tried making it at home?