Oil and Salt free Pesto sauce

I'm back in the city after a mini vacation in the Poconos. I went slightly off track with raw till 4 because it was just not my normal routine but for the most part I ate fruit during the day. It was difficult to stick to high carb low fat dinners though. My mom bought me a tofurkey roast so I made that one night...they are so delish! So back to the city and back on track! My 30 days of yoga continues and I'm keeping up with the running though I'm still nursing an injury to my left foot. Injuries are so frustrating!

I made this pesto sauce last night for my dinner; it was the sauce for my rice noodles and boy was it divine! It is oil and salt free; I used 1/2 an avo and vinegar as the base. I don't have exact measurements for the vinegar so just go by taste.
Combine the following in your food processor: coconut or vanilla balsamic vinegar, 1/2 avocado, water, fresh or powdered garlic and process on high. If you don't have a pre-flavored vinegar, combine balsamic vinegar and 1 tsp of vanilla extract; if you need more vanilla flavoring, use 2 tsp of vanilla extract. Once the sauce is done, pour over your noodles. Make sure you use enough water to dilute the sauce so it's easy to pour. I steamed brussel sprouts for this recipe also and I sprinkled nooch on top.

I will be experimenting with more sauces this week since they really dress up dinner.
Are you getting outside and enjoying this awesome weather? It's like fall is determined to come early this year! I can't believe how cool and lovely the temps are; I had a nice walk home from yoga yesterday and I may try to run in central park this morning. We are so lucky that August has not been awful!!