Baked Apple and Banana Oatmeal

Good morning!! It's Saturday yay! Last night I made the best oatmeal and I wanted to tell you how it came to be.

I got home last and was wondering what to eat because I was starving. My fridge died and my landlord stored all of my food in his basement fridge so I kept some fruit in my apartment. I spent like an hour figuring our what to do...should I order takeout, who was going to have raw food, I don't really have any money to order takeout. I scoured over all the vegan restaurants in y neighborhood and found out one place had closed already since it is a cafe and one place lost the lease on their UES place soooo...the other places were too expensive. Then I thought about just eating a big plate of fruit, them I thought about not making anything and just going to bed. Then I thought about my rolled oats and decides to make some oatmeal. I didn't have milk to splash some in to make them creamy but oh well. I boiled 1 cup of oats in filtered water like I normally do and I added some coconut sugar, pumpkin pie spice and cinnamon and kept stirring. Then I sliced up an apple and a banana and stirred them in. It was getting bubbly and delicious, like baked oatmeal. I kept the oats on the stove a little longer on low them transferred the yummy goodness to my favorite bowl and ate every single bit of it. One cup of oats is usually too much to finish but I finished it all because I was so hungry!

What a lovely, hearty breakfast for fall when the mornings are super chilly. Today I'm headed to an event in NYC that is all about vegan food,it's called The Seed event. That have vegan cooking demos, speakers and best of all free vegan food tastings! Yum I'll have to tell you all about it in another post. And today I get my new fridge...yay!! So I can make food again.

I booked my first yoga class at the studio I took teacher training at so I'm teaching my first class on August 21st yay!!! I'm nervous it I figure I will teach one of the classes I wrote for my teacher training and just practice the class over and over again until I memorize it. I've been taking some wonderful classes at Sonic Yoga that are helping me break down poses and get a feel for how the teachers teach the class. I'm excited to get right into something that I want to be a huge part of my business.
Enjoy this beautiful weekend!! I can't believe we are seeing back to school ads in stores, it feels like the kids just finishes school for the summer!

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