Yoga is a way of life

Yoga has pretty much been a lot of my life since I moved to the city. I started a yoga teacher training as soon as I moved and it's been nonstop asanas, meditation, reading, writing and bonding with my yoga class. What a wonderful group of students and teachers! Our teacher training is coming to a close this weekend so I am savoring this whole week. I'm in the midst of a huge book, I have another yoga class to take and write about and I have lots of homework to do including a test and a practical and a presentation! Whew!! It's a lot but it's been sooo worth it.

My friend came to visit me and she just left today; she was here since Monday...what fun! We got dressed up, went to awesome restaurants, walked around my neighborhood in heels, walked all day around different parts of the city, met cute waiters, laughed and had a ball. I can't wait until she comes to visit again!

So, as soon as yoga is over I promise more recipes. I will also be working full time on the recipes for my Italian cookbook which I can't wait to publish. I want to do a post about being vegan in nyc and also more fun vegan places to go to eat delish food.

Here are the mala beads, amethyst bracelet and pink quartz stone I got at this lovely store today. The whole place is awesome, incense, candles, jewelry, soap, scarves, clothes, they have everything! It's called Scent Elate NYC so stop by if you're visiting!