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What are you grateful for?

I'm sitting here at my childhood home enjoying the view of my mom's backyard and thinking of all my childhood memories. I'm home from the city to go to my doctor's appointment tomorrow (running injuries) and while I'm home I'm going to see friends and family. Being away from the suburbs now makes me appreciate them more and those details that were annoying are now pretty awesome.
So, I'm grateful for a few of my favorite things. Summer fruit has been a craving of mine the last few days especially for breakfast. Lately, I've had organic blueberries, pears, pluots, peaches and dates. I also bought apples and of course I've had almond butter on hand :) What do you crave in the summer? Usually people crave more cooling foods (I'm off the oatmeal kick for now!)
What makes you blissfully happy? Do you wake up and think about three things you're grateful for? What are you looking forward to? For me, it's fall in New York City. It's building a life in the city and being happy. It's appreciating my family and friends in PA who are always there for me and only a bus ride away.
Do you list your accomplishments from time to time? It's important to do this so you can see how far you've come. I thought I hadn't accomplished anything since moving to NYC but then when I wrote down everything I've done, I realized I've done a lot. Give yourself credit for what you've done and don't put anything down, it all counts.
Make one of your goals a health goal. I'm 6 months into my health coaching program and I can officially see clients. So I ask you to make a health goal for yourself and I can support you if you need my help. Try a new fruit or veggie each week. Take the stairs. Walk 1/2 mile more everyday. Treat yourself to rest and relaxation. Eliminate one cup of soda from your diet. There are countless ways you can love yourself. Investing in your health is the best gift you can give yourself.
So I ask you again, what are you grateful for today? How can you embrace life more and be in the present. Spread love. Thank you all for your support of my wonderful, fun blog :)


  1. A more happy and content daughter. Appreciating the small things in life! Love you!


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