NYC Vegan Eats

Babycakes NYC goodies
So, I've only been in the city a month but I have to tell you about some of my favorite places for vegan eats thus far...I try not to spend money needlessly, especially when I love to cook and I came to New York with a ton of food but sometimes you need to splurge and order takeout or go to a restaurant!

I live on the upper east side so these restaurants are mostly in that area. I'll be branching out a lot more as I explore the city so stay tuned for more recommendations!
Greenbean Cafe
Whole Foods (midtown)
Le Pain Quotidien (coffee &bakery)
Babycakes NYC (bakery)

The Greenbean Cafe sells raw vegan, cooked vegan, vegan baked goods, coffee and smoothies. I love their vegan and gluten free pizza. Babycakes NYC is now called Erin McKenna's Bakery but it's still the same awesome treats!

Pizza from Greenbean Cafe
Whole foods needs no explanation. They are supposed to open a whole foods on the UES so I should have one closer to me come fall. Le Pain is a coffee shop/bakery that has almond milk lattes and some vegan items on the menu. I love their hemp seed blondie. They also have carrot cake, an apple tart and chia seed pudding that is vegan and much more. It's a chain so they have locations all over the city. Babycakes NYC is an all vegan, gluten free bakery on the lower east side. It's totally awesome and has a ton of different treats.

I have not hit any Trader Joe's in the city yet and I heard the market Fairway is awesome too. That is the next place I'm going to look at for my organic produce.
NYC is awesome. I'm so happy I moved here and I'm grateful for all the people I've met thus far. I'm completely enjoying yoga teacher training and I'm excited to make more connections in the health and wellness community. Email me at if you need more info about places in New York!

Mint tea and hemp seed blondie from Le Pain Quotidien

There are a few more vegan restaurants in my neighborhood that I'm dying to try so I'll be writing more blog posts dedicated to nyc :)