4th of July Week

I hope everyone who celebrated July 4th had a fabulous holiday!  I hope you spent time at the beach or lake or pool or wherever you find peace and serenity.  I've been sporadic with the blog because I was traveling and not feeling super inspired to write.

I went home for a week during July 4th-the first time I've been home since I moved to the Big Apple.  It was so much fun...maybe too much because right now I'm homesick and it strikes me as strange because this move has been an obsession of mine for a while now.  I went home to my family's lake house in the Poconos, spent time with two cute doggies, my family and I saw my best friend over the weekend when I went back to the Philly burbs.  All of my fun times reminded me of how many awesome people are in my life and it was hard to remember why I left home to move to NYC.  I also stayed a few nights in my condo that I still own (and need to rent out, hello, my NYC rent is crazy!) and I found myself missing it-missing the suburbs.  Again, I was so happy to be leaving the slow suburbs for the city so this all comes as a shock.  Then today I had my Grandpop's funeral and it got me thinking of when my family was big, when people were healthy and happy and we had parties on top of parties.  Now I have no more grandparents and it makes me sad :(  

So, maybe this move is showing me what I have back home, people and places to welcome me back when the time is right.  Right now is not the time, I still have lots of things I want to accomplish in NYC but maybe it takes being away from people and places to make you realize how lucky you are.  

Over the weekend, I went back to my undergrad school with one of my best friends who I've known since freshman year and we walked around campus thinking about the good old times.  It was so nice catching up and remembering times when I didn't have a care in the world.  I'm such a sentimental person and I find myself flashing back to random memories and obsessing over them.  I need to channel that reminiscing into meditation!

So, I'm back in NYC thinking about how NYC and PA are both a part of my life and they can be equally important.  I don't have to let one go for the other.  Family and friends are just a phone call, text or email away.  And even if I rent out my condo, it will still be mine.

Tomorrow I'm doing yoga in Bryant Park with a friend, studying with another friend and then tomorrow night I'm teaching my cousin yoga on the roof of her building...then I only have two more weekends of yoga teacher training before I graduate!!  I feel like I have accomplished so much in the month that I've been here.

Stay tuned for more NYC vegan eats posts and of course more recipes.  I'm still in health coaching school but we can begin seeing clients so email me if you or anyone you know needs some health or wellness coaching fabulousveganrecipes@gmail.com

I just noshed on fruit and almond butter and it was so yummy.  I always have to have almond butter with oats or fruit so I'm going to work on curbing the splurges on nut butters.  I tend to get out of control with them and forget portion sizes.  My dinner is organic blackberries, fig and apricots with a dallop of almond butter.  So delish!  It's so humid!  

Goals for this week:
1. Find time to meditate
2. Develop new recipes
3. Limit the nut butters

But OMG check out this pic....