6 Ways to Use Beans in a Recipe

I think beans don't get the recognition they deserve.  They are loaded with iron, B vitamins and soluble fiber and they are a vegan powerhouse.  You can pretty much use them in any recipe, at every meal, even for snack.  So here are ways to incorporate beans into your daily eats.  Swap your meat for beans and you have a lovely meatless meal.

1. Roasted spicy chickpeas...the recipe is in this post
These are a wonderful snack or a great addition to your salad if you want a little crunch.  They are super easy to make and you can dress them up how you like.

2. Cannellini beans and cabbage.  Recipe here
I love this coconuty tasting flavor when you use the coconut oil instead of olive oil.  This is my favorite way to make cabbage and I think the cannellini beans are perfect in this recipe since they are soft and soak up the oil.  You can spice it up anyway you like it, I have powdered garlic, seas salt and pepper in this recipe.

3. Veggie burgers!  The base for all of my burgers are beans and I use many types: garbanzo, cannellini, kidney, they are all great.  I have numerous veggie burger recipes on this blog but here is my fav
No need for a bun...you can eat the burger in a salad or use lettuce leaves for the bun.

4. Lupini bean snack!  I love lupini beans.  They have to be peeled before eating but that makes them even better since you can savor them.  They have a vinegar taste which I think is yum and you can also spice them up.  I usually just shell them and eat them as a quick snack.

5. Chocolate Chickpea Pudding. Chickpeas are not only good for dinner or lunch meals but you can also make quite a few desserts with chickpeas and other beans. Black bean brownies are awesome (working on my own recipe), cookie dough and this pudding. It's pretty epic and is a cool, protein filled alternative to avocado pudding.

6. Hummus Here