It's such a beautiful day!! It's very summer like and so I wanted to change up lunch a little bit and make salsa. I had mango salsa on the brain but I don't have any mangos so I used strawberries for the fruit part. I also sipped on some lime cucumber water this morning. I've been craving fresh fruit a lot lately, actually for the past few months and there is nothing better than combining fruit with cucumber and sweet pepper...yum yum!! Eat the rainbow as much as you can :)
This is such a refreshing recipe! Fresh, cool fruit with whole grain rice cakes. I whipped up this recipe quickly this morning. Feel free to add more of each fruit or veggie or add different ones.

3 strawberries
1 sweet yellow pepper
1/4 of a cucumber
2 tsp of olive oil
Fresh lime juice from 1 lime
A dash of dill
Cut the fruit and veggies into tiny pieces. Add then to a bowl and mix in the olive oil, dill and lime juice. Serve with pita, a slice of sprouted grain bread, corn chips, rice cakes etc.
Sweet and delicious, this makes a great lunch or appetizer...make it for a summer BBQ and serve with super healthy corn chips or crackers. I'll whip up a mango salsa recipe at some point and post it.