No Bake Summertime Pie

I just uploaded this picture to Instagram and I called it raw but I'm not sure it technically is since I used tofu.  I don't think tofu is raw but at any rate, this is no bake, you just need your food processor and blender and you're set.  It would be a good idea to get one of those cake pans that open on the side so you can cut and serve this easily.

I started out trying to make raw oreos, then I wanted to make raw berry cheesecake and somehow I ended up making a whole pie.  I'm going to my friend's tonight to hang out and I wanted to bring something sweet.  This recipe makes a lot of filling so you can use it all or save the rest for a smoothie; I used it all for the pie.  Though it is light enough to enjoy for a snack.

I used tofu instead of cashews and coconut milk instead of coconut oil.  I made the crust two ways; with nuts and with oats, either way it tastes wonderful.  You can use chocolate protein powder instead of the cacao powder or just eliminate the chocolate altogether.

Mixed Berry No Bake Pie recipe:

1 cup of hazelnuts (or 1 cup of rolled oats)
6 medjool dates
2.5 tbsp. of cacao powder or 1 scoop of chocolate protein powder (you don't have to use this)
2 tsp of vanilla extract
If you're using nuts instead of oats, add a little water to make the crust stickier
Combine everything in your food processor and blend.  Add the dates last.  Break up softer dates and add them slowly.

1 bag of frozen mixed berries, thawed (I used a bag of Trader Joe's organic mixed berries)
1 entire block of firm tofu
1/2 cup of coconut milk or coconut water
1/2 cup of agave nectar
2 tsp of vanilla extract

Make sure the berries are thawed.  Break up the block of tofu and add to your blender.  Add everything else and blend.  It will become a thick filling but you should still be able to pour the filling on top of your pie crust.  If you can't pour it, add more coconut milk or water.  If it's not sweet enough, add more agave nectar.  My filling is not super sweet, which is fine with me, but if you're used to a lot sweeter, add more agave.

Press your crust into the bottom of a cake pan.  Cover the whole pan with crust.  Pour the filling on top of the crust and spread it around evenly.  You can decorate the pie with a few mixed berries, coconut flakes or cacao nibs.

Put in the fridge or freezer and take it out about 30 minutes before serving.  You can also add coconut cream whip to the top.  I haven't cut a piece yet but when I do I will take a picture.  I'm excited to try this!  If you make this pie when it's hot, serve it indoors so it doesn't melt :) Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone!!