Happy Anniversary FVR Facebook page!

Happy Anniversary to this lovely blog and the Facebook page where I've met such wonderful people and received much inspiration! I can't wait to take FVR to New York City and into the future. This blog has helped me figure out what I want to do with my life and how I want to help people, through cooking, health coaching and yoga. I've never had so much fun writing and connecting with others!

Over the past year, I started the FVR Facebook page, published an ebook of recipes, designed my website, started classes at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, started my Instagram page, signed a lease in NYC and connected with so many inspiring vegans. Look back on your year periodically and recognize how far you've come.
My little kitchen in New York City is where I will be making a new start to my life and a new start to cooking more delicious recipes. There are so many possibilities in the kitchen and I want to continue passing these onto you.

Thank you for supporting me! Follow your dreams. If you've been meaning to do something, take a risk and do it. You will never know where it may lead you. If you have a hobby, built on it, make it a part of your everyday life; and if you can make a living from it, do it! Sometimes the biggest paying jobs aren't the best ones for us.
So, I'm taking FVR into the future and I hope you will stay with me. I want to meet more people, gain readers and see what kind of recipes you're making! Thanks for the love :)
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