Overnight Oats with Rice

Last night I made overnight oats and threw in some leftover brown rice and it was pretty good. I had to wake up early so I didn't have the leisurely breakfast I usually have but it was still good. It was a great way to enjoy my homemade almond milk and it was a simple recipe.

1 cup of almond milk
1 cup of oats/brown rice mix
1 banana sliced

I always end up adding more milk the next morning since the whole grains soak up a lot of the milk. Add more milk as you see fit or eat as is. Add everything to your favorite bowl or mason jar, cover and refrigerate. Enjoy the next day or after a few hours. It doesn't take long for oats to soak up liquid.
I met with a nutritionist last night and we talked a lot about how my weakness for overeating is in the evening. When I get home from work, I'm usually super hungry or at least a little hungry and I tend to eat way more than I should. I then feel guilty, sometimes don't feel like exercising and then I go to bed feeling like a failure. So, when I get home from work, my nutritionist gave me a list of food to eat with 15g of carbs in them that will raise my blood sugar and divert the need to eat a lot. For example, an apple or piece of whole grain bread will take about 15 minutes to raise my blood sugar and make me feel better. Then I can cook dinner and not feel desperate to eat something.

I do great during the day, I eat a sensible breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snack but for some reason all goes out the window when I get home. Weekends can be tricky too, when I have less structure, I tend to get bored and look to food.
Being vegan doesn't mean being stick thin. I've beaten myself up over the fact that I'm not thin and I'm vegan. You can still be vegan and be a junk food eater, you can eat too many carbs, you can eat foods that are still not satisfying your nutritional needs. Though vegans tend to weigh less than meat eaters, it isn't always the case.

So, I'm keeping a five day food and exercise journal and I'm meeting with the nutritionist again next week. I'm excited and motivated to start practicing mindful eating.
I want to be an inspiration for people especially since I'm studying to be a health coach. I want to motivate people and see positive changes in their lives and celebrate that with them. I'm also excited to publish my next cookbook. So, keep moving onward and upward even when it's hard!