Tofu Scramble

Omg last night I was craving an egg sandwich, the kind my mom made me when I was little! The yolk was hard, it was sprinkled with salt and pepper and topped with cheese on white bread. I was thinking about it but not obsessing over it. So I wrote down the craving and gave it a 5 out of 1-10. I don't get it because eggs gross me out and before I became vegan, I stopped eating them. Maybe I was just craving comfort food from my childhood. My Integrative Nutrition book talks about craving food from your childhood or food that your ancestors ate. I'm guessing this is why I was thinking about an egg.

So this morning I woke up and was torn between making mochi or tofu scramble and the tofu won out...probably because of my craving last night. Here is what I did:
1 serving of tofu
Almost a whole bag of Trader Joe's spinach
1 serving of vegan Go Veggie cheese
Powdered ginger

I cooked all ingredients using coconut spray in my new stainless steel pan. I put the tofu in the pan first and turned the heat on low. Then I added the spinach and covered the pan for a few minutes. Lastly, I sprinkled the cheese on top and covered the pan so the cheese melted more easily. Before transferred the food to my plate, I sprinkled nooch and ginger.
It was so delish! I also ate two dates and drank a huge glass of lemon water. This week is all about listening to my body and writing down my cravings. I'm trying to eat what my body is telling me to eat and when I crave anything, I'm going to take notes and analyze the craving based on what my nutrition book says.

Tomorrow I'm meeting with a registered dietician to see if I can work through these cravings. I'm hoping she can give me different techniques for losing weight and tell me a few things that I'm not thinking of. I'll write about my experience!