Smoothies, juicing, running and mostly raw February

I recently discovered the beauty of coconut water and now I'm using it in all my smoothies.  And Trader Joe's sells it so I'm pretty much going to buy it every time I'm there.  It's amazing but when I use coconut water in my smoothies (1 cup), I never need to water it down anymore.  Usually when I made a smoothie with milk, it needs some watering down.  But when I use 8 oz of coconut water, it yields a very hydrating, 12 oz smoothie that is more like juice and goes down easy.  It's the best!  I'm making my smoothies now with 1 part fruit to 3 parts veggies and coconut water.  I'll add in superfoods as I see fit.

Anti-cancer smoothie (inspired by @fullyrawkristina)
5-7 leaves of kale
A few leaves of parsley
1 tbsp. of chlorella
1 green apple
1 parsnip 1 cup of spinach
1 cup of coconut water
Mix everything in your blender.  You can juice it too but I just didn't feel like dealing with the pulp.  When you blend this, you drink the pulp anyway.  It tastes like chlorella, coconut and a little hint of apple.  Get used to chlorella before you go nuts with it.  Less is more.

I'm officially training for my May 10 mile run; I ran yesterday and today.  Yesterday I was super tired and didn't do that well.  I ended up walking up some hills and generally didn't feel that great afterwards.  Today I slept in and got a ton of rest and had a much better 3 mile run plus 10 minutes of HIIT. 
I've been eating 80% raw.  This morning for breakfast I made blackberry juice and I had a piece of toast with banana and peanut butter and a side of uncooked tofu.  For dinner, I had two rice pancakes filled with sweet potato and broccoli and I made veggie burgers.  Then I finished off tonight by making the green juice that I saved for tomorrow morning.
Blackberry juice: 1 pint of blackberries, 1 cup of coconut water, 2 leaves of kale. Blend everything.

Sweet potatoes are my friend; they satisfy my sweet craving and I feel full afterwards.  Steaming veggies is also the best thing ever; it eliminates cooking with oil.
I'm learning so much in IIN about different diets, cancer fighting foods, self care and so much more. It's really very eye opening and I'm looking forward to learning how to be a health coach.

Monday breakfast: sprouted grain toast with peanut butter and sliced banana and a carrot. Goes great with the green juice :) For lunch I'm having a veggie burger and for dinner I'll have a salad with my freshly made dressing.
Tonight my workout is difficult so I'm going to get it done as soon as I get home from work. Pushups are so difficult for me! I'm hoping they will get easier.
Don't forget about my veggie burger contest!! Have a great day everyone :)