The Top 10 Ways Veganism Benefits Me

Now that I'm looking back on four years vegan, I wanted to reflect on how it has benefited me. Even though I'm still a work in progress with weight loss and eating clean all the time, veganism has changed me in a few different ways.

1. I've learned how to cook. I love cooking all different kinds of food and I can't wait to take a cooking class. My love for cooking inspired me to publish an ebook of my recipes in December.

2. I learned how to enjoy so many new foods (kale, daikon, nooch, umeboshi paste, homemade almond milk and many more). New foods opened me up to a more nutritious plate.

3. I joined a new community. The vegan community on Instagram is amazing, supportive and inspiring. So many people are posting pics of healthy foods and interesting recipes that it's hard not to try some. The community is also supportive and friendly.

4. I run a successful Facebook page and have many followers who give me positive feedback about my recipes. I met people who have changed their diet to more plant based foods and I love hearing back from people.

5. I have developed a deeper love for yoga and I'm getting certified in June.

6. I enrolled at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition to learn how to become a Health Coach. I want to make FVR into a business.

7. I discovered a newfound love for blogging and I created my own website. I'm incredibly proud of my website and blog!

8. I expanded my knowledge about how factory farming effects the animals, our health and the environment. I'm also very knowledgeable about GMO, our food and how food effects our bodies.

9. I've been introduced to meditation and I can't wait to become better at it.

10. I became a runner :) I ran a 10 mile run and a half marathon. All while eating vegan.
I'm sure as I keep going, I'll be adding 10 more benefits to this list. My goal for this year is to eat in moderation, eat so that every food I enjoy benefits my body and I want to keep running and doing yoga.