Tempeh Recipes

I made tempeh a few years ago and just didn't embrace it. I bought it today at Trader Joe's and made two recipes with it and I'm in love :) So, I can add tempeh to my list of fabulous proteins. I cut the tempeh in thin strips and pan fried them in coconut oil- the flavor was amazing! I can't believe how the oil and the heat made the tempeh flavor pop. Also, coconut flavor doesn't hurt anything :)
I made two different recipes from one block of tempeh, there are two servings in a package. I pan fried the tempeh in coconut oil for both recipes but one recipe is a salad and one is a sandwich.
Start out melting coconut oil in a medium pan. Cut the tempeh in thin strips and arrange the strips in the pan. Keep the heat on medium heat, you may need to lower the heat every once in a while. Keep an eye on the tempeh, flipping it a few times. The tempeh will start to turn brown. This is the time to add spices. Add pepper, sea salt, oregano, and anything else you want.
While the tempeh is cooking, cut romaine lettuce into tiny pieces and add any veggies you want. Once the tempeh is done, arrange it on top of the lettuce and then slice a roma tomato and put the spices in the pan. Add more coconut oil if needed. Cook the tomatoes on both sides and add spices. Add the tomatoes to the salad.
I wanted to avoid adding more oil so I tossed the salad with some organic apple cider vinegar. It was so delicious!
With the remaining tempeh, I put the slices in a sandwich bun, added some of the roasted tomato, greens and my spicy mustard dill sauce.
For the sauce, I added 1 tbsp of olive oil, 1 tbsp of spicy mustard, dill, two pieces of fresh garlic and a little water to my food processor. Process on high and pour on the tempeh sandwich.
I'm excited! I plan on experimenting with tempah a lot more in the kitchen. Trader Joe's sells it cheap and it's organic.