Oat Milk

So, I made an alternative to almond milk (I love my almond milk though!!) and I found it to be easier to make and less expensive.  But I encourage you to try making almond milk at home.  Here is my oat milk recipe!  And while working on this recipe, I also perfected my raw pie crust recipe (that will be the best recipe post).

Soak whole oats in water for 20 minutes.  Make sure you cover the oats completely with water. After 20-30 minutes, pour the oats in a strainer and rinse them well.
Add 1.5 cups of soaked oats to your blender with 3 cups of filtered water.  If you want sweetened milk, add 4 dates.  Blend on high for about 3 minutes.

You don't need a nutbag to strain this milk!  Pour the blended milk into a small strainer over a bowl and use a spoon to move the oat pulp around.  You want to make sure as much as milk as possible is strained into your bowl.  Keep moving the pulp around and press it down at times.  Transfer the pulp to another bowl and pour your newly made milk into a mason jar for storing.  Keep pouring, straining and transferring until all of the milk is out of your blender.

The oat pulp you transferred to another bowl can be eaten the next day for breakfast as overnight oats.  Add fruit, goji berries, dates, and more to the bowl, cover and eat the next day.  You can use the milk for smoothies, cooking, baking and anything you use milk in.

Oat milk is easier to make than almond milk because the pulp is easier to use as another dish, oats are cheaper than almonds and you don't need a nut bag.  It tastes different than almond milk and may be less creamy and thick but I'm loving it!!!  Make this oat milk when you need a break from almond pulp or when you need to take a break from buying almonds.

Oats are in my next recipe post too...such a versatile food!  Vegan, gluten free (make sure the package says that!) and full of fiber.