5 Reasons to go Vegan

I saw a post on IG of five reasons to go vegan and I wanted to write about this here. Usually I classify reasons people go vegan into three categories: for the animals, for the environment and for personal health. I think you can be motivated to become vegan by any and all of these reasons.

For me, I became vegan after reading The Kind Diet cookbook (I love Alicia Silverstone) and I haven't looked back. There were some rocky roads and I had a rocky start because I felt hungry but once I started COOKING, my veganism went to a whole different level. Enjoying health benefits from going vegan is fabulous too, my cholesterol has decreased, my nails and hair are stronger and healthier. It's a wonderful transformation.

I use the all or nothing rule for MYSELF but would never impose that on others. I feel like being vegetarian and eating cheese and eggs is still detrimental to the animals so I choose to be vegan. But others may need those eggs and cheese to feel their best. It's all about what motivates you and what makes you feel the healthiest. So, if you want to save the animals or the environment or improve your health, cutting out meat when you're on any diet is beneficial. Giving up meat for even a week impacts the environment and saves a few animals...give up meat for a month and I bet your cholesterol levels go down.

So, if you can manage meatless Monday or you don't eat red meat or you are veg for 30 days, it still helps. Every little bit helps. Contact me via email at fabulousveganrecipes@gmail.com if you ever have questions about the vegan diet or how my journey has been.

Reflecting on the below picture, #1&3 speak to me the loudest. The others are just a benefit for being vegan. I feel I eat the cleanest on a vegan diet. What motivates you to be vegan?