Pasta and cheese stuffed tomato

This is so simple!!  Takes under 5 minutes if you already have pasta made.  The tricky part is cutting out some of the tomato.  I used a knife and cut out the hard middle of the tomato and then just carved out some more of the tomato to make a bigger hole for the pasta and cheese.  You can save the carved out parts of the tomato for another dish or just pop them in your mouth while you're making this dish!  I wanted to make my carving super neat and even but it was hard :)  See below for the recipe:

One big red tomato
1/2-3/4 cup of cooked pasta.  If you have more, that's fine, you can serve the extra as a side to the tomato
1/4 cup of your favorite vegan cheese
Fresh parsley

Carve out the middle of the tomato (stem) and discard.  Carve out a wider hole in the tomato as big as you want but not too big.  Save the inside of the tomato.  I had pasta left over so I put the 1/4 cup of cheese on top and microwaved it for a minute so the cheese and pasta were mixed well.  If you're making pasta, cook it al dente, strain it and then immediately top with cheese and mix well.  This should melt the cheese.  Scoop some of the pasta and cheese into the hole in the tomato.  Keep scooping the pasta and cheese into the tomato and pushing it down.  If you still have pasta left over that didn't fit into the tomato, serve it next to the tomato.  Decorate the tomato with fresh parsley and serve. 

This is a great way to eat an entire tomato with some cheesy gooey pasta.  It's a perfect summer lunch!!