Veggies galore!

I hope everyone who celebrated July 4th had a wonderful holiday! I had such a relaxing time at my family's lake house and ever since then I've been dreaming of a trip to the Italian Riviera :) Last night

I made an easy dinner with some veggies I had in the fridge. I ate pretty healthy over the long weekend so I just continued cooking up the veggies. I made a brussel sprout, scallion, cannellini bean dish with a side salad and mangos and dates for dessert. It was super delicious! I added four brussel sprouts to some olive oil and cooked on low with the lid on. You want to cut off the ends of the sprouts and wash the sprouts before cooking. Then I added cannellini beans and I cut up a whole scallion. I put half the scallion in the pan and saved half for my salad. I cooked everything on low with the lid on, stirring occasionally. For my salad, I put romaine lettuce, the rest of the scallion and a red pepper in a small bowl and I used my food scissors to cut the lettuce and scallion into tinier pieces. I then cut the pepper into long pieces and added to the salad. See below. It was a quick and nutritious dinner.