Banana Ice Cream

I remember hearing from a couple of my friends that you can make ice cream with frozen bananas. I blended two frozen bananas today and they turned into the creamiest ice cream ever! Banana soft serve. I made two scoops of ice cream from one banana each and I added peanut butter to one and strawberries to another. I'm so excited that I don't need to buy ice cream ever again! Here is what I did:

1) cut up a yellow banana and put the pieces on a plate in the freezer for two hours. The banana should be ripe, yellow with some brown on it.
2) after two hours, put the banana pieces in a blender or food processor until the bananas turn into a creamy ice cream mixture.
3) I added a spoonful of peanut butter to one blended banana and four strawberries to the other blended banana. The peanut butter ice cream is very thick and creamy. The strawberry ice cream is little more like soft serve so you can put that in the freezer longer. Put the ice cream in the freezer for a few more hours if you don't like soft serve ice cream. The results are incredible! I'll be making more flavors this week :)