Chocolate Nana Ice Cream

My ice cream posts continue.  I just can't believe how easy it is to make ice cream with just one ingredient.  I'll never go back to buying ice cream again.  This time I made chocolate ice cream because I wanted something sweet after dinner and I was in the mood for chocolate.  I had four ripe bananas on my table that needed to be used asap.  Aside from freezing the bananas for a while, this recipe takes less than five minutes.  Great for kids!!  Here is the recipe:

Cut up four ripe bananas into small pieces and put in the freezer for 6 hours or overnight
Take the banana pieces out and put in the blender.
Add unsweetened cocoa
Blend on high while scraping the ingredients off the sides of the blender
Keep blending until the mixture looks like soft serve ice cream
Scrape out of the blender and serve in your favorite bowl.  Add more toppings such as nuts, fruit or chocolate chips
You can freeze the ice cream again to make it harder and then use your ice cream scooper to serve

This is the perfect recipe to eat if you are craving something sweet but want to eat raw vegan.  Feel free to experiment with other flavors by blending other fruit with the frozen bananas (see my previous ice cream recipes).  This is one of my favorite recipes!