Peanut Butter Nana Ice Cream and Falafel Recipes

Hi friends,

It's so hot out that sometimes I get home from work and I just don't feel like making dinner.  But today the weather forced me to stay in my office and I had nothing to eat for lunch except a banana so I made a pretty big dinner.  I'm stuffed!  It was so delicious. 

I had kale and cannellini beans leftover in the fridge and I wanted to use them before they went bad.  So, I thought about another falafel recipe and of course I had to make dessert and my ripe bananas were telling me to make ice cream :)  For the falafels, here is what you will need:

1 jar of cannellini beans (I had almost a full jar)
4-5 kale leaves cut up very well
A few slices of an onion finely chopped
Fresh garlic finely chopped
Fresh basil and oregano
1/2 cup of brown rice flour

Put the beans in a medium sized bowl and smash the beans as much as you can.  Add the garlic, onion, kale and fresh herbs and keep mixing.  Add the flour and some water and mix. The mixture will turn pasty.  Form into balls and put in a pan with coconut oil.  Cook the falafels until they are brown on both sides.  I served with brown rice penne pasta from Trader Joe's.

For the ice cream:

4 ripe bananas cut up and frozen for about an hour
2 scoops of peanut butter
a few teaspoons of vanilla extract

Combine everything in a blender and blend until you get soft serve ice cream.  Taste it and add more peanut butter and vanilla if needed.  You can add toppings or just eat as is or even place it back in the freezer to make the ice cream more frozen.  You can add cocoa, strawberries, mangos, any fruit that would make a yummy ice cream flavor.  Enjoy :)