Veggie tofu burrito

I went to Kutztown, PA with my friend for some shopping and we stopped in Betty's cafe for lunch. I got a veggie tofu burrito that is very easy to make so I made it this morning for breakfast. Here is what I did:

Tofu, cubed in a small skillet cooked in coconut oil and balsamic vinegar. I cooked the tofu on medium/high and coated the tofu in vinegar. It ended up to be so delicious. As the tofu was cooking, I cut up cucumber, 1/2 avocado and some kale and put on a Trader Joe's lavash flatbread.

They are very big flatbreads and are perfect for burritos. After the tofu was done cooking, I added that to the flatbread and then drizzled a little bit of goddess dressing on it. I folded the flatbread and enjoyed a very filling and delicious breakfast. Now I am off to yoga and meditation class :) It makes me feel great to start my day off with a filling, healthy breakfast. The more veggies you can eat for breakfast will help you build even more veggies into your remaining meals for the day. I hope you enjoy this dish!