These are a few of my favorite things...

Hello again! Now that I have the Blogger app on my phone, it is that much easier to post quite frequently :) Here is a little tidbit about some of my favorite brands of foods.

As you can see, I'm a huge Trader Joe's fan. I think they have reasonable prices and they are vegan friendly.  From the top going clockwise:

1. Trader Joe's unsweetened vanilla almond milk- it's very creamy and is only 40 calories per cup. Very delicious
2. Cento lupini beans. You rinse, pinch the skin off and they are ready to eat. I add olive oil, salt and pepper to taste. Delicious, eat plain or add to salads.
3. Arrowhead Mills organic brown rice flour. It is very light and flaky. It's great for pancakes and to make veggie burgers with. I'm going to try cupcakes with it. I buy at Giant or Whole Foods
4. Medjool dates. I buy in bulk at Giant. They are nature's candy. I stuff with almonds or pecans for a sweet snack. I'm obsessed with them. I tend to eat too many so stick with 3 or 4 at a time.
5. Under the dates is Earth Balance vegan butter. It is essential if you need butter on toast, pancakes etc. It's also great for baking (cookies, icing). It's insanely good...
6. Arbonne protein bar- fruit flavor. It's a vegan protein bar sold at It's so delicious, filling, lots of protein and a little bit sweet.
7. Trader Joe's assorted raw nuts. I use these to stuff the dates with. Or I eat with a banana in the morning. Raw nuts are good for you, lots of protein.
8. Organic agave nectar. I don't use a particular brand but try to get organic. It's a low glycemic natural sweetener. So delicious!
9. Arbonne pomegranate energy fizz sticks. These are sticks of energy powder you add to your water and they contain B vitamins. They give you energy and can replace coffee if you're trying to get off caffeine.
10. And in the middle there, Cirio garbanzo beans. Everything on the jar is written in Italian (oh, I wish I knew how to speak Italian) so I think this brand is imported from Italy. Anyway, I like that they are in a jar and only contain the beans, salt and water. No chemicals or preservatives. I buy these and the lupini beans at Pagano's deli near my house.

Comment if you have any questions about where to find vegan foods, I can help you! Buy organic when you can, especially fruits that you don't peel and all veggies. I hope you enjoyed this inside view of my kitchen :)