Cucumber/lime green tea

Here is another iced tea recipe! This one is green all around :)
1 lime
1/2 of an organic cucumber
6-8 green tea bags
Ice cubes
Boil water for tea and seep the green tea bags for about 10 minutes. Drain the tea bags and pour the tea into a pitcher filled with ice cubes. Two trays of ice cubes will make the tea cold enough to taste test it. Juice 1/2 of the cucumber and then pour the cucumber juice into the iced tea. Stir and then squeeze almost the whole lime into the iced tea. Add the cucumber juice and lime juice slowly into the tea, testing as you go along. I didn't add any sugar but add some agave or stevia to the tea if you need it. Enjoy on a hot summer day! It's green tea so it's naturally decaffeinated.