Stuffed Dates-Middle Eastern food

I talked about making stuffed dates for my friend's dinner tonight...well here they are!  I was worried about getting the pits out without destroying the entire date but it was easier than I thought.  You have to feel around for it and then use a knife to cut the date a little bit and fish out the pit.  Then you stuff an almond or two where you took the pit out.  I then covered in coconut oil and rolled it in shredded coconut.  The coconut didn't really stick to the date so I put some extra coconut on top of the date and also around the date.  Maybe I should have used coconut sugar or super finely shredded coconut.  Anyway, they look yummy and I'm excited to taste them tonight along with my friends.  Oh...I heated the coconut oil on low and painted each date using my kitchen brush.  I love coconut oil, it's a wonderful alternative to olive oil especially if you're cooking on high heat.  Behold: