Potato salad!

Here is a delicious potato salad recipe with no mayo just in time for summertime BBQ's!  It is delicious, flavorful and hits the spot along with your vegan dogs and veggie burgers.  This calls for a food processor and red bliss potatoes.  The longest part of this recipe is cooking the potatoes enough so that you can stick a knife through them easily.  Once you do that, you can food process the topping quite easily.  You will need:

6-7 red bliss potatoes
1tbsp of spicy mustard
2tbsp of olive oil
onion and any color pepper
sea salt, pepper to taste
Topping: put the mustard, olive oil, pieces of onion and pepper, spices and dill in a food processor and blend.  Don't add all of it if your food processor is small like mine.  Taste the mixture.  If you need more flavor, add a little more mustard.  If you love dill, add more of that.  Once the potatoes are done, cut them up into medium size pieces and place in a large bowl.  Pour the mustard/olive oil mixture on top and mix until all the potatoes are covered.  Taste.  Make more topping if you need it, especially if you made a lot of potatoes.  This recipe is to taste.  You can add more items to the food processor if you like, add more veggies, add more mustard if you love the taste.  Use less olive oil if you want.  Add a little water if you want it watery.  Perfect for a summer picnic!!