Bean Side Dishes

Happy Meatless Monday!  Some people ask me where do I get my protein from if I don't eat meat-it's so easy to be vegan and have normal protein levels.  Beans, beans beans!  And tofu, some whole grains, veggies, almond milk, etc.  I love beans-they are filling, they have a ton of fiber and protein and they go with pretty much everything.  Today's Meatless Monday features three bean dishes.

They are very simple.  I buy lupini, cannellini and garbonzo beans at my favorite Italian market.  They are imported from Italy, they are in glass jars and they taste fabulous!  My obsession with beans started in Italy when I first tried cannellini beans in olive oil with onions.  Then I tasted beans and cabbage at the Italian market and I became obsessed with beans and cabbage.  For the beans and cabbage dish, you will need:

Green cabbage
A jar of cannellini (white) beans
Spices of your choice
Oil (olive oil should only be used in cooking if you are cooking at low temps.  Otherwise it breaks down quickly and can be carcinogenic.  Use coconut oil for high temp cooking).

Heat the oil and then add the cabbage.  Cabbage takes a while to get soft so cook it on low-medium heat with a lid on your skillet for about 20 minutes.  Check to see if it's soft enough for you.  Halfway through cooking the cabbage, add the beans.  The beans don't need to be cooked for a long time.  Add spices, sea salt, fresh pepper and then serve.  It's an incredibly flavorful dish!

For the lupini beans, they need to be taken out of their shell before consuming.  So pop them out of their shell and rinse them a little with water.  These beans don't need to be cooked.  I add some balsamic vinegar to them before eating.  You can also just add olive oil or put them on top of a salad.

Lastly, garbonzo beans (chickpeas) and onion.  Again, choose an oil to cook with and then add the onion, garlic and some spices.  The garbonzo beans and onions may take about 20 minutes to cook.  Taste them to see.  Enjoy!!!

You don't need meat to be healthy.  In fact, cutting out meat will help you live longer because you will not be consuming the saturated fat and chemicals found in meat.  Yes, meat has iron but so does leafy green veggies and they are so much better for you!  Not consuming meat results in a healthier you and you will be saving animals in the process.  Happy Meatless Monday!!