Homemade veggie burgers

Happy Memorial Day weekend!  It's unseasonably cold today so I came home from work and promptly started cooking.  I wanted to make four new recipes and I ended up making two, veggie burgers being one of them.  I originally wanted to make black bean burgers but I wanted to put rosemary in them and I didn't think the rosemary would go with black beans.  I decided to use chickpeas.  These are called rosemary garbanzo bean burgers :)  They are gluten free and vegan:

1 can/jar of garbanzo beans (chickpeas)
1/2 of a pepper (your choice of color)
1/4 of an onion
3 scallions
3/4 of a potato
coconut oil
1/2 cup of brown rice flour
sea salt and lemon pepper
Put the whole jar/can of chickpeas in a medium sized bowl and mash them with a fork.  Make sure you crush every chickpea if you can.  I put some coconut oil in a small pan, sliced and cut the potato into small pieces and sautéed the potato for a little bit because I was worried they would be too hard after I made the veggie patty.  I sautéed the potato about 15-20 minutes and then added it to the bowl of chickpeas.  I cut up the three scallions into small pieces and added them to the bowl.  I sliced an onion into very thin pieces them cut into small pieces and added that to the bowl.  I also cut the pepper up and added that.  I threw in some rosemary and then mixed everything up well.  The mixture does stick together but not as much as if you added flour.  I made the mixture into small patties and put into a pan after spraying the pan with coconut oil.  I cooked on medium heat.  The patties fell apart when I flipped them over to cook them on the other side.  I'm not sure how people make veggie burgers without flour but apparently you can so I'll have to practice that.  Anyway, I had extra mixture so I added some brown rice flour to the veggies and added some water to make it pastier.  I mixed everything with my hands and formed into patties that were much better.  I was able to flip them without them falling apart and I added the sea salt and lemon pepper to the patties when they were in the pan.  They turned out awesome!!  And I ate the patties that fell apart for dinner.  They were yummy!  These are before I added the flour:

 These are the ones I added the flour and water to:


 They are delicious and they look great!  I'm going to experiment next time with different bean/veggie combinations.  These should be safe to use on the grill without falling apart.  I'll probably freeze them in airtight containers.  I hope you find this recipe as easy as I did!  Enjoy!