Gravy Sunday

I am ashamed to say that before today I have been buying gravy (red marinara sauce) in stores. I'm Italian and never made my own gravy (!!). But now that has changed since I have a fabulous gravy recipe under my belt. My friend at work helped me develop this recipe. I knew what I wanted in it, she helped me figure how to cook everything since she's made homemade gravy for years. I combined garlic, onion, tomatoes and yellow pepper along with fresh oregano and rosemary to make the most delicious sauce I ever thought I could make. No sugar needed! Here's what I did:
8 organic plum tomatoes
3 cloves of garlic
Small onion
1 yellow pepper
Boil water and put the tomatoes in for about 10-15 minutes until you see the skin separating. Put some olive oil in a pan and add the garlic, onion and pepper. Take the tomatoes out of the water and rinse with cold water. Peel the skin off the tomatoes (this should be easy) and and take out the seeds.  Put in a blender or food processor. Pulse depending on how many chunks you want in the gravy. Add the tomatoes to the pan and stir. Add the oregano and rosemary and stir. Put a lid on the pan and let it marinated on low (1-2 if you have an electric stove). Let it simmer for about 1.5 hours, your house will smell divine!! Just keep stirring periodically. And taste it! I did not need to add anything else. Store in glass jars (save your grocery store gravy jars) and refrigerate. I'm so happy to say I won't be buying store bought gravy anymore!