A simple superfood

I was eating this for dinner one night while I was sitting outside on my balcony enjoying the warm afternoon.  I didn't feel like cooking a huge dinner so I cut up an avocado and ate half of it with brown rice I had left over.  The rice was sprinkled with lime juice and Mrs. Dash fiesta lime seasoning blend.  It's that simple.  One thing that is great about rice is that you can make a ton of it and save it for leftovers and then dress it up depending on what kind of flavor you want.  Add fiesta lime seasoning or taco sauce if you want Mexican, add soy sauce and ginger if you want an Asian flavor.  Or just eat it with a little sea salt and olive oil.  Rice is a powerful whole grain that gives you energy and fiber.  Avocado is a super food; I don't go through my day without eating an avocado or at least half of one.  Enjoy!