Sorta tuna salad

I made this recipe right from my now favorite cookbook, the Kind Diet by Alicia Silverstone.  It's a book filled with vegan recipes and it's beeen in my hand, and new and interesting ingredients have been on my shopping list since I got the book as a Pollyanna gift (thanks Laura!).  I just went to Wegmans today to get some more ingredients for a few of the dishes.  Fabulous book even if you're not vegan but maybe wondering about it.  It also talks about the kind lifestyle and what you can do to save the planet.  This recipe is awesome, the main ingredient is tempeh.  Tempeh is a vegan protein made from soybeans, rice, barley and millet.  It has a crazy amount of fiber and it's filling with a nutty flavor.  This was my first time trying tempeh and I can't wait to go back to Trader Joe's to get more!  You cut the tempeh in half and steam it on the stove for 20 minutes.  Then you combine leeks, scallions, and carrots with your favorite kind of vinegar and vegan can find it in the fridge section in Wegmans.  The vegan mayo tastes just like regular mayo but a little bit better.  When the tempeh is done, you cut it in cubes and add it to the veggies, vinegar and mayo, mix mix mix and then add some dill, sea salt and if you're so inclined some capers on top.  You can eat it like it is or make a sandwich.  This dish has the same consistency and feel of tuna or even chicken salad and it's eons healthier.  I didn't follw the recipe word for word, I left some things out but I got it from The Kind Diet by Alicia Silverstone.  I topped Ezekial whole grain bread with it and then ate the rest plain.

To learn more about Alicia Silverstone and her work advocating for animals, the environment and a vegan lifestyle, visit or buy her book The Kind Diet