Holly Days!

For Christmas I made my vegan cupcakes.  I also made bruschetta and pasta with pesto.  I did a little variation on the bruschetta, usually it's just tomatoes on top of the toasted bread with olive oil and garlic but I saw this version when I was in New York City for the Tori Amos concert.  Artichokes and avocado mixed up on top of toasted bread and olive oil.  Great variation.  So, I made this version along with the tomato version.

Here are my cupcakes in case I didn't post about them before :)

Pumpkin cupcakes with vanilla icing.  Apple cidar vinegar mixed with almond milk (let stand for 5 min).  Mix flour, sugar, pumpkin, vanilla, ginger, baking soda and baking powder with the milk/vinegar mix and you have a yummy batter.