Ciao Italia!

It's been a while since I've Italy trip was back in October and it was so enjoyable :)  I went to Rome, Abruzzi, Sorrento and Capri.  The food was great but I actually lost weight when I was over there because of all the walking we did. Everything is so natural, the food is made with basic ingredients and nothing is processed. I ate very late at night and was still able to sleep a full night. We ate dinner around 8-9PM and then walked around Rome-definitely helped me to lose weight! Anyway, below are a few pics of the food and wine. Need I say more??

Shell pasta in Chieti

Limoncello and other liquors!  They drink these after dinner and it is thought to help with digestion.

 Breakfast!  Bread and cake.

 Me sipping espresso in Abruzzi

 The BEST pasta dish I had in Italy, spaghetti and pesto in Chieti


 I'm not sure what these are called but they are flour, salt, they are fried...they are yummy


More pasta!

Last day in Chieti, fettucine and gravy

 Olive oil straight from the farm we stayed at in Chieti

Fettucine with veggies

 Espresso after every meal


Bruschetta!  This was pretty much the first course for every meal



 Beans in olive oil....OMG the best!