Tofu Tacos!

I have many "likes" on facebook having to do with food and recipes so I made this dish after I saw it on a page called Plant based recipes.  Everything that people share on the page looks delicious and the recipes are easy.  I was in the mood for tacos one night so I decided to try tofu tacos.  They involve corn tacos, tofu and veggies sauteed in a pan with plenty of your favorite spices.  Oh, and also, beans :)

After I cut extra firm tofu in small squares, I added tomatoes, avocado, peppers and lentils.  I also love Trader Joe's everyday seasoning, their sea salt and I also added garlic.  I sauteed in a pan for a few minutes and then scooped some of this delicious concoction on 3 corn tacos and voila :)  It's a very filling dinner.  I had plenty left over so I saved it for next day's lunch and ate it with tortilla chips.  It's a great dip.  Just scoop some on your favorite corn tortilla and you have a crunchier version of the dish for lunch.  Lentils and tomatoes are very nutritious together especially for those who worry about low iron.  Pairing a high iron food with a food high in Vit C punches up your body's iron absorption.  So, enjoy this yummy and nutritious meal!  Mexican is my second favorite kind of food behind Italian...and it just so happens Italian food is my next post :)