Inspired by Italia...

I'm going to Italy at the end of this month and I just can't wait!  I still can't believe I will be there; I've been dying to make the trip for about two years now.  I will be visiting Rome, Abruzzo, Naples, Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast.  We've been booking our rooms and exploring what sites we will see and of course the subject of food came up.  I googled "vegan in Italy" and found some information, most of it saying that being vegan in Italy will be pretty easy.  I hope so!  I'm learning how to say, no cheese, right?  No formaggio, vero? :)  However, we WILL be in Naples, which is the home of pizza so I'm hoping you can order pizza without cheese???  Anyway, my dishes will probably be alot of pasta and veggies, bread and tomatoes and gravy and of course red wine :)  So, in the spirit of my Italy trip weekend, I made Italian for dinner both Saturday and today.  Asparagus, whole wheat spaghetti, capers, veggies and olive oil...YUM!  Saturday's dinner was whole wheat spaghetti, capers, tomatoes, garlic and olive oil topped with asparagus.  I cooked the asparagus in the toaster oven and topped it with olive oil, garlic and everyday seasoning.  I cooked the tomatoes and capers in olive oil in a small sauce pan and added garlic.  All veggies were on top of a yummy pile of whole wheat spaghetti. 
Today's dinner was the same thing except I cooked spinach and capers in the olive oil instead of tomatoes.  I also had some bread and meatless meatballs (Trader Joe's).  It's always important to add protein to veggies and pasta...tofu, meat substitutes, get the picture.
P.S. I love my plates...they go with my Mediterranean kitchen theme.  Thanks Mom :)