Sushi, sushi, sushi!!

My friend Chrissy and I ate dinner at Kooma again last night, the second time in 3 weeks! It's the BEST sushi place, it's a super cool atmosphere and it's in trendy downtown West Chester. When I go there, I always get one of their yummy drinks and vegetable sushi. Last night we sat at the sushi bar and it was so cool to be right near the sushi-making action :)
When we sat down, I ordered a cherry cosmopolitan...beyond yummy! Even before you taste it, you can smell the cherries :)
It's made with cherry vodka, triple sec, lime juice and cranberry juice...and of course a cherry :) I would definitely recommend this drink if you are into martinis. Then we ordered the vegetable tempura, which we split. Then we ate so much sushi, we couldn't believe how full we were. My favorites: the spinach roll, avocado, asparagus, cucumber roll, kampyo (sweet squash) roll and pickled radish roll.
It's so much food, it doesn't look like it but I was stuffed. We arrived after 9PM so by the time we finished eating, the DJ was setting up and the place turned into a cute little club :) Kooma West Chester is a great place to eat if you love asian fusion. They also opened up a second restaurant in Wilmington, DE. Love love love Kooma!!