Last night, my friend Chrissy and I went to dinner at Buddakan for a Center City restaurant week meal. The menu was so yummy and they were very good about vegan substitutions. I ordered the Buddakan house salad, which was a blend of greens with mushrooms, carrots, onions and a yummy ginger dressing. For my entree, I ordered the cashew chicken but instead of the chicken, I ordered tofu...it's was soooooo yummy :) It was cashews, tofu, veggies and rice. I couldn't finish the whole thing so I brought the rest home to enjoy today. Then I had delicious sorbet for dessert: orange, chocolate and raspberry flavored. It takes some effort but you can be vegan in any setting, at every restaurant. And I felt so healthy! The best part of the meal, though, was my glass of Zen-gria, Buddakan's version of sangria. It kept me slightly buzzed the whole meal and it was so yummy. Chrissy and I each got one since it was the cheapest drink on the menu :O Behold my cashew tofu:
This is a pic of my leftovers :) I didn't bring my camera last night.
Buddakan is a great atmosphere. The snow did not keep people away as we saw as soon we parked in front of the place (the good part about a snowy city is more parking spots on the street, believe it or not). People were crowded in front of the restaurant and even though we had reservations, we waited a little. It ended up being a nice wait since we were sipping our Zen-grias and chatting :) The place is kept pretty dark, people are casual dressy and the giant Buddah that overlooks the relaxed diners is so Stephen Starr! We were seated upstairs where there is another bar and lots of tables. Our waitress was fabulous and the crowd was fun. We sat down around 9:15PM and left after 11PM. I will definitely be visiting Buddakan again!

It is week 4 of my new vegan lifestyle and I must say, I felt like quitting a few times and going back to vegetarian but I'm sticking with it. I need to try new recipes so I'm hoping this blog will help me to expand my palat.