Blueberry Jamboree

Magnolia Bakery has these yummy looking pictures on their Facebook page of a pie they call a Blueberry Jamboree.  It's pie crust, filling and topped with blueberries and sugar.  I messed up on the filling, probably because I made the recipe vegan, because I didn't have heavy whipping cream or real cream cheese.  I used Silk soy creamer and vegan cream cheese.  So, the first pie wasn't that great but the second one was better!  I ditched the filling and just used the blueberries and sugar.  To make this pie, you put the crust in the oven at 325 degrees for 15 minutes (I bought vegan pie crust at Whole Foods) and heat blueberries, brown sugar, granulated sugar and corn starch on the stove until the substance is thick.  It ends up looking like blueberry pie filling you buy at the food store.  The pie crust comes out of the oven and is cooled and the blueberry and sugar is poured in and walah! pop it in the fridge and there you have a vegan blueberry jamboree.
I like adding new dishes to my vegan dessert list....